How to Keep Food Hot

How to Keep Food Hot

We've all been there—eagerly preparing a delicious hot meal, only to get distracted and find it sitting on the table, growing colder by the minute. The Clioche is the ideal way to keep food hot while you're preparing to serve the table.

As you finish cooking each part of your meal, simply place it on the white porcelain platter and cover with the stainless steel lid.

Some of our favorite ways to use the Clioche to keep food hot are:

  1. Next to the Grill for Burgers - As each burger comes to temperature, remove it from the grill and place in your Clioche. When all the burgers are ready, simply bring the Clioche from the grill to the table and serve.

  2. Next to the Oven for Roasting - Ready to take your roast from the oven but need a few moments to finish preparing your side dishes? Place the roast in the Clioche and know you'll be ready to serve your meal all together while it's hot.

  3. Next to the Stove for Sautéing - Whatever you're cooking, as each part of the pan reaches temperature, remove it from the pan and place it under the Clioche. You'll perfectly cook each part of the dish without the risk of overcooking.

Whatever you're cooking, be sure to serve it hot with the Clioche. 

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